The van Blaricum Coat of Arms as it appears here was brought back to the United States by
Dr. Glenn F. VanBlaricum, Jr. after a trip to Blaricum, The Netherlands in 1971. He obtained a black and white copy from the VanBlaricums residing in Blaricum at that time. That copy was used as a guide to have it redrawn and colorized. Finally, that artist's rendition was scanned, cleaned up, and recolored by this web manager.

The Motto

The Dutch Motto: "Houdt de Waarheid vast"
has been translated by Bernard van Blaricum (from Australia) to mean
"Stick to the Truth."

References and understanding of the Coat of Arms are sketchy at best. Once again, Bernard van Blaricum helps with:

"The only reference that I can find about the Coat of Arms is in a publication by F.J.H. Banning Genealogie van het geslacht van Blarcum, van Blarkom, van Blaricum as follows:

Wapen: van blauw met 3 ballen van zilver (2:1). Helmteeken: een zesp. zilveren ster, waarop een zilveren bal.

Translated to English: Coat of Arms: blue with three silver balls (2:1). Helmet symbol: a six pointed star, on top of which is one silver ball."

Revised: June 03, 2000