toadswords Welcome to The Toads Words
Excursions into the World of Words

The Toad's Words had its beginnings in 1997 when I started e-mailing some of my favorite words and their definitions to my friends. (Doesn't everybody?). It all started when I was going into work before 7 am because I had to drop my daughter off at school for an early chemistry class. I am somewhat punchy at 7 in the morning, so one morning I wrote down a few words that I had recently been enthralled with. Well, it gradually got out of hand and the result is this web site.

I always include each word in a sentence to show its usage and try to ultimately use all of the words in the final sentence. I now try to see to it that all of the words used in a single excursion have some relationship to each other. That relationship can be as simple as being the particular words that I took a fancy to that day. The various excursions thus far have resulted in an interesting dialog with my readers. We encourage that dialog.

I call the feature The Toad's Words. Why? Well, I am not totally sure. In the beginning there was a very logical reason. In retrospect, I think my logic was flawed. However, there now seems to be a quaint American essence to the name and people seem to like it. Besides, what other animal do you naturally think of when the subject of English vocabulary comes up? So there you have it!

Revised: December 11, 2009