General Information

Each excursion of The Toad's Words is designed to be read at one sitting. (Where you sit is up to you!) I figure four to six words and their definitions are about all that anyone needs at any one time. All of the words in one of the Toad's excursions are together for a reason. Hence, the exemplary sentences tend to work together.

We do present an alphabetical index, but this is to allow you to go quickly back and find the meaning of an elusive word.

Where to Start

Don't feel obliged to start at the beginning - unless you would like to. I am particularly fond of #1 because it was my first. Some of the dialog (or diatribe) at the beginning of each excursion is order dependent. The words at the beginning were written (for the most part) for the e-mail version of the Toad's Excursions. I have edited where necessary and tried to correct mistakes as they have been pointed out to me.

Common consensus has it that Toadies #4 and #6 are destined to become classics. So, you might start your reading there, or possibly end there. I also find #13 to be interesting, primarily because it evokes memories of my vacation.

To each his own.

The only important thing to remember is that when you get tired, you quit.

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